I'm am unfortunatly taking a leave of absence. I will be in Trainz and making stuff for you guys but not releasing them. I hope Rich Downes and the others will keep you entertained. The longest time I will take is 2 years. So you'll have alot to look forward to.

Yours 'I'm Sorry'ly,



As you can guess by the new logo - a new route is in the works!


Hello, hello, hello! THREE NEW MEMBERS! Look out for content by RichDowns, KnapfordExpress23 and lilSpike1984 too. That's all for now.



Sad News: GoldWoodThomas has left for Train47553D. This means the site will be under construction as I am now left in charge. I'm currently starting to recrute new team members. Do not expect new content for quite a while.

That's all for now,


George cariln conductor was fixed and ringo conductor is now up for download

these are my last models for trainz06 im officially converting to TRS10


here is my first model and a joint release with SP3D

Mr. Conductor (GC)

expect more models from me

constructive criticism is welcomes


Knapford V3 is Released,

this includes the station buildings

you will need to download Train4755' Sodor Shed

credits go to him for the sodor shed

Cheers Goldwoodthomas

here is the callan station route 

now you can remake "Toad stands by"

this will be my last TVS route

the new routes will be strictly RWS


Sorry for the leap of absence guys

But to make up for it here are Ballahoo Tunnels(RWS Henry's Tunnel)

BTW Knapford v2  is being investigated for problems

So DONT bug me about it

Knapford V2 is Realesed
Knapford V2 is Realesed


Knapford V2 is released

go to the routes page and pickup your copy today~ Matthew/goldwoodthomas

I've moved the site from zoomeshare to jimdo

and i have have a special thanksgiving treat

for later today ~ goldwoodthomas / matthew